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Achieving clear and calm skin

In an age where everything is instant: swipe, click, delete, double-tap, it has become increasingly difficult to slow down. However, our bodies and mind were not designed for constant stimulation. That’s why some of us tend to get grumpy when we haven’t had our recommended 7 hours of sleep.

Putting our out-of-sync sleep patterns aside, we’ve seen the term ‘self-care’ pop up on our social media timelines frequently. But what is it and why is every beauty and lifestyle magazine encouraging it?

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Simply put, we need a break. We have become increasingly available which makes for great communication (most of the time!), but it also means we are readily available – this takes a toll on our health and of course, our skin!
When we’re stressed and tired, our skin is often riddled with breakouts, pimples and inflammation. How can you treat your skin to some well-deserved self-care?
Rest & Relax
Two words that may seem virtually impossible for us workaholics. Nevertheless, taking a few minutes every night to yourself without the distraction of your smart devices is imperative! Whether you read or simply meditate on the good things currently in your life, a few quiet moments to yourself rejuvenate and replenish your body and mind.


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When we’re hopping from boardroom to lunch meeting, drinking water might fall at the bottom of your to-do list. However, staying adequately hydrated is essential to your health - both for the body and skin.
Extra Treat.
Of course, topical treatment is necessary to make sure your skin is in its best shape. If you’re struggling with breakouts, BOOST!'s CLEAR Serum is just what the doctor ordered! Aloe soothes any inflammation while ProVitamin B5 stimulates the skin’s healing process for clear, smooth skin.


Boost skin serum- clear, skin, anti-blemish, pimples, acne



If you suffer from inflammation, redness or a generally stressed skin, we recommend using a drop or two (or more!) of BOOST!’s CALM Serum. Boasting a medley of anti-inflammatory ingredients such as Aloe, Rosemary Leaf, Sunflower Seed Oil and more, your skin will readily drink up the treatment!



Calm serum, anti-blemish, anti-redness, anti-irritation, repair




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