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Not Just Another Serum.

Well, what's the BOOST! difference?

BOOST! isn't like any other old serum. Here's why: as a brand, we want to optimise your skin care regime, not change it. Our team of skin care specialists aim to ensure that you know exactly what you’re dealing with in order to combat any concerns you may have. Whether that includes acne scars, unsightly marks, an uneven complexion, signs of pre-mature aging, dry and dehydrated skin – whatever you're worried about, we can help!

Ease of use

While many other products insist you use a complete collection of products in order to see a real difference, we say keep your cleansers, toners and moisturisers! Whatever your skin care regime might be, our BOOST! Serums simply fall into place as an additional step when caring for your skin.

An easy regime to follow: cleanser, toner, BOOST! Serum, moisturiser and sunblock. Healthy skin, glowing skin, serum
An easy regime to follow: cleanser, toner, BOOST! Serum, moisturiser and sunblock (please!).

We like to think of our products as the Beyoncé's of the skin care community. Why? Not only do we look really good, but we perform like a superstar. Our Serums contain powerful ingredients that enhance your skin's natural ability to care for itself. Ingredients such as multi-molecular hyaluronic acid (found in QUENCH), is naturally found in the skin as well, but in our product, it is broken down into different molecular sizes in order to penetrate 3 layers deep within the skin.

Here are our superstars:


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